5 Ideas For Last Minute Gifts – Bracelet Is One!

Here are my Top 5 ideas for last minute gifts. No time left to go shopping for that perfect Valentines gift? No worries! I always tend to get things done at the very last minute. And I know I am not the only one!

last minute gifts

You are already online, so here’s the deal: Get your sweetheart the perfect romantic gift online and print it. Yes, it’s perfectly possible! And it’s the fastest, easiest and best thing you can do at the last minute.

If you have the chance, you can pick up some flowers, rings and bracelets on your way too. But first make sure to pick a beautiful gift:

A Romantic Gift Club Membership

Give a Gift of the Month Club membership that involves something the two of you like to do together. It can be a cooking club where you receive the ingredients for a gourmet meal once a month, a chocolate club, a wine tasting club, travel club, etc.

You can purchase these online or from shopbelina, so it is done immediately. At Amazing Clubs, you’ll find an extensive list of Gift of the Month clubs to choose from. Print out some information about the membership and put it in a pretty envelope or make a scroll of it and tie it with a beautiful ribbon.

To make it more romantic and extraordinary, set a fixed date night on the calendar for that special occasion each month, just for the two of you. You can do it together when you give the gift. Add them to your cell phone calendars right away!

Name a Star After Your Sweetheart

At the International Star Registry, you can buy a star kit and name a star after your sweetheart. This is truly romantic!

You won’t receive the kit right away, of course, but you don’t need that to make it a romantic gift. Right now, the important thing is to tell in a romantic way that you have named at star after your loved one!

Find information and some images of the constellation, which you get to choose, and print it. If you are a little creative and have the time, create your own certificate with the star’s name and the constellation. Make it complete with a sweet romantic love message!

A Love Declaration Written in Stone!

Pledge your love and have it carved in stone! But not just anywhere; on a Love stone on the Lovers’ Terrace in Verona, Italy. The city of Romeo and Juliet!

Last minute gifts don’t get any better than this. If this isn’t romantic, I don’t know what is!

You can order it online at any time. You will immediately receive the “Lovestone Certificate” by e-mail to print and give as your gift. The certificate guarantees your loved one ownership of the stone and provides the coordinates to find it on the Lovers’ Terrace.

Romantic Coupons

Print some beautiful Romantic Coupons and give them to your partner as a gift. When redeemed, you have to give or do what is on the coupon. It practically gives your sweetie the chance to pick the gift she wants, when she wants it. The coupons can be redeemed little by little during the night or saved for another occasion.

I have made a big collection of free printable coupons (from sweet ‘n romantic to sexy ‘n hot!) that you can pick from. Explore them all and pick your favorites. Then just copy and print them.

These coupons are perfect last minute Valentine gifts for the playful ones. And if you some great ideas of your own, just use this open coupon and write anything you like on it!

A Romantic Love Book

This one you actually have to make yourself. This is a wonderful and unique romantic gift that can melt anyone’s heart! It’s only 5 small steps. It may take you 20-30 minutes to make it. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Make a list

Make a list of at least 12 reasons why you love your Valentine.

Step 2 – Make the cover

You’ll need one letter size sheet for the cover. Find a romantic picture online. If you have one of the two of you handy, that’s even better. Print it on one-half of the sheet, with the title “Why I Love You” at the top. Set the page layout to landscape orientation and place the title and picture on the left-hand side only.

Step 3 – Make the book

Use letter size paper, one sheet for every 4 reasons. If you have 12 reasons, you’ll need 3 sheets. Put the sheets together in a small stack and fold it in neatly in the middle so it becomes like a book.

Put the cover on last and then staple it together. Staple all the pages together in at least two places of the fold. If you are artistic you can be creative and make it a little prettier. But in the end, it’s what’s inside the book that matters!

Step 4 – Write it

Now take the list you made and write one reason on each page. If the reason is only a few words, write it in the middle of the page and/or in big letters. If you have more than 12 reasons and they don’t add up with the pages, you can write two reasons on some of the pages.

Step 5 – Dedicate it

Write a short dedication to your sweetheart on the inside of the cover, and finish it off with the date and your signature.

You have now made the perfect unique romantic gift!